Physical Demands and Safety Requirements

Physical Demands

As a Cosmetologist long periods of standing, sitting, and leaning are required. As a result, minor back stress may be caused by long intervals of standing, sitting and leaning over clients. Individuals with a history of back pain or stress should consult their physician before embarking on a profession in Cosmetology. Because of continuous exposure to chemicals, water, and cleaning agents, it is important that your hands are protected. Hand care products are recommended for all service professionals. If you are sensitive to certain chemicals or have other allergies, please consult your physician, as you will be required to work with many different chemicals.

Safety Requirements

In general, common sense and caution should be used in an effort to avoid the following situations: injury to the eyes, chemical burns, inhaling harmful vapors or fumes, cuts and abrasions, or physical injury due to spilled liquids. When working with sharp objects like scissors, razors, clippers, or manicuring implements, there are obvious hazards. Always exercise caution and common sense when handling theses items. Communicable diseases can be easily transferred from individual to individual. It is imperative that you are consistently following proper sanitation procedures, for the benefit of you and your client.