About Us

The Salon Spa Academy has been training successful professionals for the salon/spa industry since 1999. Cosmetology students receive an extensive education in hair design, color and texture services, as well as advanced skin care protocols, facial and body waxing, natural nail services and more. Seasoned Cosmetology instructors with many years of experience in the salon industry skillfully guide all students through their hands-on training while infusing the spirit of creativity into every client experience. All clinic services are performed by supervised senior students.

Esthetician students are trained in a medical/clinical setting where spa techniques are also incorporated, delivering clinical results with the added element of relaxation. Our Esthetician instructor is also a trained, licensed nurse, which enables her to deliver an education that goes beyond the typical spa type of Esthetician training.

The Salon Spa Academy features a beautiful environment where all students are encouraged to dress, look, think and act as though they were already working as a professional. Business building techniques are incorporated into the curriculum to ensure that all of our graduates begin their careers as entrepreneurs with a foundation of knowledge on which to build and retain a thriving clientele, guaranteeing a smooth transition to the workplace. An education at the The Salon Spa Academy is a positive, creative and exciting learning experience!